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Hurricane Odile  category 4 winds of 200 km /hr. 
impacted Los cabos last September 2014  

Up-date to Nov 30th. 2014 we are up and working as usual , some hotels decided to remodel their facilities but most of them are open and working , the worst damage we had is the the hurricane scared our visitors away ....... 

don't let a hurricane to ruin your plans come and visit us, thank you !


September 30th. 2014 

Thanks to all our visitors for the expressions of solidarity , best wishes and willingness to help us ..... 

We lost all the services due the hurricane of such a great magnitude, we still don't have water, light nor internet in many areas but we are on recover , so far at 2 weeks of hurricane we have 85% of services such as water , food, electricity , security recovered , we are confident that by october 10th we will have 95 % recover we are just missing  the rest  such as entertainment , TV, movies , etc

We lost material items  but thanks God we all are fine in terms of health and life which matter the most,   Material things are secondary, the birding sites are fine all the endemics are still here and send you greetings , migrants are arriving and found a lot of food , water and delicious weather . 

With the help of  all the visitors who will not stop to visit us,  we are confident that we will recover 100% by mid December .  
The project of the hummingbird exhibit might take longer than expected but I will post the advances in the web page 

Take care and keep,in touch 
Hugs , sincerely 

Maria Elena Muriel 


the Good , Bad and ugly of Hurricane :

Yes it was scary but also the news exaggerated and showed the worst of the few worst , look at the images,  you will note there are the same pictures , same buildings , same damages over and over again at all the news and newspapers, 

there is a difference between an accident and a negligence 

By definitions:

Accident:  an un expected event that might put life in risk. 

Negligence: Conduct that falls below the standards of behavior established by law for the protection of others against unreasonable risk of harm, A failure to behave with the level of care that someone of ordinary prudence would have exercised under the circumstances 

By common sense:

 what do you expect when you build your house in a risky area like arroyo bed? , what do you expect if you build your building with poor quality materials not appropriate for these weather or storms in order to "save money" ?  what do you expect when you build your property next to the ocean ? 

By Nature laws:

Nature has it own laws, they act at its proper time and circumstances and most of the time it has its benefits but we must respect them , we are one more of nature , we can't control nature , we must be humble and recognise it

I have talked with some visitors about hurricanes .... at Los Cabos most buildings are strong , heavy with cement, cinderblock, iron frames to resist hurricanes, 

Positive effects of Hurricanes:

hurricanes bring benefits and blessings it will provide us a lot of water by refilling the aquifers ,   we just need to learn to respect the nature , we must respect the birds , must respect sea-turtle habitats , we must respect whales , gorilas, elephants, buffalos, we must respect other human and every single creature that inhabits the earth.

Worst effects of hurricanes:

To scare our visitors away , by domino effect we fall down in recession , economy suffers , workers loose their jobs 

Perhaps it was a warning for governments or developers or us ,  to re-consider the development , the growth of the area or to have respect and consideration of the beautiful creation of God. .....

whatever we do to our planet we do it to ourselves 

Hurricane Odile day by day :

Yes it was scary for a moment , it caused a lot of damages the reason is because first the hurricane was not coming to Los cabos it was going to pass aside los cabos , but  Nature is unpredictable and the worst enemy of human is the excess of confidence , so it took the population by surprise 

Making an analysis : the hurricane formed at the south part of Mexico , Pacific coast by Oaxaca we are at the end of the hurricane seazon very active  during these particular year  we were happy to have a lot of rain coming from a dry season of 4 years with no rain , Odile was the 9th hurricane of the season September 10th was still a tropical storm and far away from cabo  like 1600 km at south of cabo san Lucas 

Sept 11th  it was still far away from Los cabos and they start to predict that it might impact los cabos but the hurricane was very erratic and  September  12 th , it changed again its path to NW so they advised again that it will pass aside los cabos 

as category 2 

September  12 th , it changed again its path to NW so they advised again that it will pass aside los cabos 

as category 2  

in addition Hurricane Odile was moving very slow at 6 milles per hr. 

Other factors to consider:

We had another "small"  tropical storm interacting with the hurricane , very strange condition .

The water temperature at the Sea of Cortez or Gulf of California was very hot  and it attracted the  hurricanes mixed them up and  caused  to speed up in intensity and in motion toward us reaching category 4  when it was at only 200 Km at the south of the Tourism corridor , it grew huge measured 200 km in diameter , just the eye was 30 km , almost the distance from Cabo san Lucas to San Jose del Cabo it was moving so slow that it took the eye of hurricane 30 minutes to cross the area and each side of the hurricane took 4 hrs. to cross 

At the end  it entered by cabo real or el tule , where the big breach is between cabo san lucas -san jose del cabo 

travelled by the center of the peninsula of baja california devastating everywhere and everything as far as Guerrero negro half way of the peninsula , deviated again by the warm waters of the norther part of the sea of Cortez or gulf of California and impacted as category 1 the norther part of Sonora border with USA it took 5 days to dissipate and the effects could be feel as far as south of Arizona Sept 18th. 

The worst damage a hurricane can do to an area like Los cabos is to 
scare our visitors away , Don't let the hurricane scare you , give us the opportunity to tour you arround you won't regret......  

2016 we are fully recovered , thanks for your support and concern 
please come visit us